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Why Learn at Shlok?

At Shlok, children are not under pressure in the competition to build a career, instead we offer them the tools to build character. We teach our students to be the best version of themselves, and rise in competition with no one else but themselves. They explore and identify their area of interest and play to their strength. Because no two children are alike, we aim to protect their individuality while preparing them to triumph over the world with the attitude of a winner and values of a good human being!

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Brand Name

Originating from a Sanskrit word “Shloka” depicting ancient knowledge, Shlok International seeks to embrace modern education that focuses on building a strong ambience fuelled by the impeccable traditions of ancient values guiding through the contemporary times. Shlok International aspires to sow the seed of knowledge in students to blossom to their full potential and strives to be involved in each and every child’s past, present and future throughout this journey of knowledge seeking and self-discovery.

Brand Identity

Our school logo is represented by 7 chakras that each denotes an attribute resonating our school’s beliefs that lay the foundation. These attributes include Knowledge, Integrity, Nurture, Passion, Unique, Creativity, and Leadership. We strive to incorporate ancient knowledge combined with modern education in sync with those attributes. Moving from the innermost wheel outwards, each chakra symbolises the growth of a student to the next level till they evolve to become a fully bloomed lotus that helps them evolve in every sphere of their lives.

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The leadership team at Shlok International School is from a wide range of professions and interests who provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to the school for the purpose of achieving our goals or of aligned results


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10 acres of pure knowledge and sports. State of the art sports arena well aired and lit classrooms

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We are adhering to the international norms i.e; 1:15

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We are notch bigger than the standard pre-requisites at 500 sq.ft.

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At any given time the strength of students will not rise beyond 27 children