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Life at Shlok

Promises to be a happy experience where all children are valued and provided equal opportunities. It is our endeavour to respect individual differences and meet the needs of all children.

The school day starts with an hour of training in a game chosen by the student followed by an academic session after which they break off for breakfast. It needs little imagination to know how even a fussy eater gets hungry enough after a game to polish off the breakfast/snack which has been sent from home.

The rest of the school day is filled with academics and activities which are challenging, exciting, engrossing and thought provoking.

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  • Shlok is a CBSE School
  • It does not follow the-one-size-fits-all approach to teaching.
  • The excellent educators of the school are continually trained to be effective by their willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • Children will be encouraged to use their senses to the fullest through being immersed in creative learning experiences and developing a questioning mind. It is our endeavor to ensure that every child feels welcomed and understood.


Early Childhood experiences go a long way in developing a child’s personality and capacity to question & make choices. Our teachers formulate plans for safe and purposeful learning activities which are diagnostic and prognostic in nature. The curriculum knits together appropriate learning activities to develop basic skills and through these activities foster life skills and values.


A strong foundation in the lower classes plays a profound role in forging lifelong learning competencies. Focus on learning skills that help make a child a productive citizen and grow to his/her fullest potential as a human being is given a lot of importance.

The six learning domains stated below are focused on to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional development
  • Physical well-being and Motor development
  • Cognitive development
  • Language and Literacy development
  • Art and Creative development
  • Technology


Extensive research has underscored the importance of middle school years where the learnings and emotional underpinnings need attention and support from parents and more importantly the school. The significance of this period of learning ranges from its impact on curiosity, enquiry and independent study habits to decision making skills.

Our faculty help students develop their critical thinking skills by:
  • Ensuring engaging learning experiences that require reasoning and problem solving.
  • Providing timely feedback on the above mentioned activities.
  • Encouraging students to generate content.
  • Actively training students in self-regulated learning.