The Power of Arts Integration In Creating Well-Rounded Leaders And Learners

“If you want to really find joy, make space in your life to create things of beauty.”

Michael Hyatt

Today, we are part of a world where a child is constantly juggling with the tremendous amount of pressure and stress to prove their academic brilliance. Is it sane to make these young souls chase unbelievable expectations and academic goals from a young age? With all of this going, there is little to no room left in their everyday life for art – something that will work as an antidote to undo the harm inflicted on their minds. Why is it that we see art as a form of option which stands nowhere close to academics? Parents have made it their goal to belittle a child’s dreams and show them how in the real world one can’t make enough money pursuing such dreams. But, when you see the real picture one will understand how indispensable art really is.

The way of life is marked by art and music –

Art gives us the meaning we seek in life. How does one define things like love and beauty with logic? The awakening of creative imperative can be achieved with the help of art. In order to voice the ideas inside us we need to create and express. And, the magic of art is the more you practice the better you get at it. The mental as well as physical well-being of several students depend on performing arts. It offers them the opportunity to blow off steam and relax while being challenged and inspired at the same time. Music and dance can make anyone a better learner. When it comes to learning an instrument or a form of dance, you need proper discipline and regular practice – these traits can be easily transferred to another subject. They can create a different kind of creative space and helps to boost confidence. When a child finally understands the kind of music & dance they can relate to or learn, a whole new world appears in front of them.

Here’s why arts integration is so important for students:

  • It helps to develop the brain, language, motor, social, and decision-making skills
  • Artistic education boosts a child’s imagination
  • Every technique that is essential for the presentation of academic work can be learned from arts
  • Students develop emotionally due to music & dance
  • Art education connects students with their own culture as well as with the wider world.
  • A great way to deal with stress.

At Shlok International School, arts and academics have the same importance. This is a school that understands how powerful fine arts, drama, music, and movement is in shaping the life of a child. From incorporating arts into every class curriculum to building specific artistic skills and abilities – we do it all. Regardless of a child’s natural abilities we constantly encourage them to get involved in arts.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life