Shlok International School has been set amidst natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The adorned campus is spread over 10 acres of lush green land which creates a conducive ambience for the child’s growth and development.

Equipped with all the modern facilities and robust infrastructure it provides a well built and powerful learning centre for all kinds of learners.

Shlok Sports Village It is an integral part of Shlok International School in which professional sports coaching is offered to school children during school hours as per their planned curriculum.


Brand Shlok :

Originating from a Sanskrit word “Shloka” depicting ancient knowledge, Shlok International School seeks to embrace modern education integrated with ancient knowledge for holistic development.

It focuses on building a strong ambiance fuelled by the impeccable traditions of ancient values guiding through the contemporary times.

Sahasrār-chakra :The energy centre at the upper part of the skull - Mindfulness

Ājñā-chakra-chakra or Ādnyā-chakra : The energy centre at the mid-brow region - Knowledge

Vishuddha-chakra :The energy centre at the throat level - Expression

Anāhat-chakra : The energy centre at the mid-chest level - Compassion

Maṇipūr-chakra :The energy centre at the naval.- Productivity

Swādhishṭhān-chakra :The energy centre at lower abdomen - Vibrancy

Mūlādhār-chakra :The energy centre at the level of the last bone of spine- Confidence

Our Vision :

Shlok International School focuses on Holistic development of children . It transforms its students into self disciplined, dynamic and confident individuals who will add value to the society with their constructive approach and valuable contribution.

We lay emphasis on the seven aspects ( Chakras) of human form and existence. The seven crucial elements which embodies the inner mind to outer appearance are groomed extensively by providing a comprehensive curriculum and a stress free but stimulating environment.

Our Mission :

Shlok International School perseveres to nurture and groom each child holistically with its integrated education programme, customized to enrich every kind of learner.

Each child grows into a strong character and rises up to lead themselves in the right direction.

School Motto :

Our school logo is represented by 7 chakras which is derived from the energy centers in human body through which our vital energy or prana shakti flows. Each denotes an attribute resonating our school’s beliefs that lay the foundation.

These attributes include Knowledge, Integrity, Nurture, Passion, Unique, Creativity and Leadership. We strive to incorporate ancient knowledge combined with modern education in sync with those attributes. Moving from the innermost wheel outwards, each chakra symbolises the growth of a student to the next level till they evolve to become a fully bloomed lotus that helps them evolve in every sphere of their lives.

The SIS faculty is also provided with growth opportunity through enhance of knowledge by rigorous training.