Multi-Dimensional Learning

For the Benefit of Everyone at Shlok




At Shlok we blend academic, e-learning and art awareness. We provide a well-designed environment that is conducive to holistic learning and believe in balancing academic goals and extra-curricular talents. Personality development sessions are conducted for all students to assess their strengths & optimise their performance. Safety, health and sports is also incorporated in everyday learning in school.

The Curriculum at Shlok International School ensures all round or holistic development of each child. It creates a robust learning journey for children which instills thinking and a constructive approach.

  • It does not follow the-one-size-fits-all approach to teaching.
  • Children are groomed to use their senses to the fullest through being immersed in creative learning experiences and developing a questioning mind. It is our endeavor to ensure that every child feels welcomed and understood.
  • The excellent educators of the school are continually trained to be effective by their willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn.



Early childhood experience goes a long way in developing a child’s personality and capacity to question and make choices. Our teachers formulate plans for safe and purposeful learning activities which are diagnostic and prognostic in nature. The curriculum knits together appropriate learning activities to develop basic skills and through these activities foster life skills and values . Literacy , Numeracy and accuracy are taught through fun filled activities , Art and Sports Integration.

PRIMARY SCHOOL - GRADE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

A strong foundation in the lower classes plays a profound role in forging lifelong learning competencies. Focus on learning skills that help make a child a productive citizen and grow to his/her fullest potential as a human being , is given a lot of importance.

The six learning domains stated below are focused on, to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

  • ● Personal, Social & Emotional development
  • ● Physical well-being & Motor development
  • ● Cognitive development
  • ● Language and Literacy development
  • ● Art and Creative development
  • ● Technology

GRADE 6, 7

Extensive research has underscored the importance of middle school years where the learnings and emotional underpinnings need attention and support from parents and more importantly the school. Our faculty help students develop their critical thinking skills by:

  • ● Ensuring engaging learning experiences that require reasoning and problem solving.
  • ● Providing timely feedback on the above-mentioned activities.
  • ● Encouraging students to generate content.
  • ● Experiential Learning methodology which uses pedagogical steps like:
  • Start with a Big Question —Concrete to abstract —Link to real life context— Integrate Art and Nature
  • ● Actively training students in self-regulated learning.



Holistic Approach: Education with holistic development is crucial as it nurtures not only academic excellence but also cultivates emotional intelligence, social skills, and ethical values. Our school fosters holistic student development by integrating a well-rounded curriculum, including academics, extracurricular activities, and character-building initiatives.


1. Eduvate Robotics Exclusive: 3-in-1 Program

Let’s Eduvate is committed to upgrading the Learning System and has been offering a comprehensive Computer Science and Robotics program. Eduvate ensures that students get exposure to technology at an early age in an experiential manner through specially designed Learner Kits.

I. Computer Coding:
Boosts logical thinking, and enhances problem-solving skills. Students learn to create apps, animations, and games.

II. Robotics and Aero-modelling:
Students explore the world of 3d modelling, they will learn about electronics, electronic circuits and block-based programming and much more depending on their age.


2. Subramniam Academy of Performing Arts (SaPa)

SaPa, a global leader in music education, is driven by a passionate mission to make high-quality music, culture, and art accessible to all. Founded by Padma Bhushan Dr. L. Subramaniam, India's revered violin icon, and Padmashree Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, an accomplished Indian playback and classical singer, SaPa has evolved and thrived under the mentorship of their children, singer-songwriter Dr. Bindu Subramaniam and renowned violinist Dr. Ambi Subramaniam. Together, they have nurtured a new generation of performers and expanded the horizons of musical knowledge across cultural boundaries.

Sports Accreditation

Realize your today’s dream of becoming tomorrow’s world champion.

For more information visit Sports Village Website.

With these collaborations, we aim to provide our players
world-class training
successful methodologies.

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School Facilitators

No. Full Name Designation Qualification
01. Mrs. Jeevarekha S Principal M.Sc, M.Ed
02. Mrs. Snehalatha Stephen Eng & S.Sc M.A., B.Ed
03. Mrs. Anjana T. English B.A., B.Ed
04. Mrs. Amrita Ojha Eng & S.Sc M.A., B.Ed
05. Mrs. Anju N S Eng & S.Sc B.A., B.Ed
06. Mrs. Saritha Kumari Mathematics M.Sc, B.Ed
07. Mrs. Sharow Mariam Mathematics & Hindi B.Sc B.Ed
08. Mrs. Nishada Reddy Science & Comp B.Tech C.Sc
09. Mrs. Sunitha S Science B.Sc, B.Ed
10. Mr. Kushal Kumar Kannada B.A., B.Ed
11. Ms. Swadhini Kannada B.A., B.Ed
12. Mrs. Uthara Buchurkunde Hindi B.A., B.Ed
13. Mrs. Sharavathi Computer BCA B.Ed
14. Mr. Goutham P E BCA B.P.Ed
15. Mrs. Mouna Librarian M.Lib
16. Mrs. Jyotshna Das Nursery B.A, NTT
17. Mrs. Sujata Choudhary Nursery M.Sc, TTC
18. Mrs. Susmita Bhattacharjee Nursery M.A MTT
19. Mrs. Shruthi Ganesh Nursery NTT
20. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi A Nursery PUC NTT
21. Mrs. Devika Krishna Art & Craft B.DS M.PG
22. Mrs. Sai Geetha Music B.A Kar Music
23. Mr. Venkatesh Dance M.Com Semi Classical & Western Dance
24. Mrs. Shantha V School Counsellor M.Sc (Psy)
25. Mr. Apoorva Ayangar Special Educator M.Sc(Psy) Level 1 Therapist
26. Mrs. Veena Kumari School Nurse B.Sc (Nursing)
27. Mrs. Valsamma P.S Health & Wellness Teacher IMTT.MTT(Dip In Nursing)

Academic Calendar 2023-24