Why Shlok?

All children are unique and at Shlok their individual differences and specific identities are respected. We aim to protect their individuality while preparing them to triumph over the world with the attitude of a winner and values of a good human being! The Shlokians live with the adage – Rise to Lead.


Shlok International School perseveres to nurture and groom each child holistically with its integrated education programme, customized to enrich every kind of learner.


The seven crucial elements which embodies the inner mind to outer appearance are groomed extensively by providing a comprehensive curriculum and a stress free but stimulating environment.

School Motto

Our school logo is represented by 7 chakras which is derived from the energy centers in human body through which our vital energy or prana shakti flows.
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At Shlok

Each child grows into a strong character and rises up to lead themselves in the right direction.

10 acres

State of the art sports arena well aired and lit classrooms.


We are adhering to the international norms.

500 sq.ft.

We are notch bigger than the standard pre-requisites.

27 children

At any given time the strength of students will not rise.

From the

Principal's Desk

Bhagwanti Gupta

Veteran Pedagogue- Researcher & Writer

'The morning sunshine mirrored by the smiling faces of children,
I live each day to infuse a spark of learning in each student.'

Creativity, Liveliness, Cheerfulness and Fun are the key elements to be nurtured in every child for a happy and contented living. An awareness of the moment, in fact, each moment , to be relished, to fructify its outcome.

The best teacher , only excels, with successful learning among students. The art of giving right questions to incite a curiosity among students is the best way to cultivate learning. Children of today do not seek for right answers , they want to be explorers, researchers , awakeners and thinkers, in order to evolve.

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CBSE Curriculum

The Curriculum at Shlok International School ensures all round or holistic development of
each child. It creates a robust
learning journey for children which instills thinking and a constructive approach.

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Shlok Sports Village

Shlok Sports Village is spread across 10 acres , housing outstanding sport facilities to create a generation of champions under Academies like Yellow Ball, Sree Dhrona Sports Academy (SDSA), Boca Juniors Football School

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Transportation & Safety

To make transportation easier for children, we have school buses available to pick and drop them with punctuality and safe travel under the supervision of Female Bus Attendants.Library Facility with All books and Latest Novels.

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Latest Class wise activities listings, which also includes the monthly activities done in school on a regular basis for a holistic development of each child. Its the most favourite corner of each child!! Must See!!

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Admissions: Shlok International School is Open for Admissions Year 2023-24. The registration can be done online as well ,with a payment of Registration Fees of INR 500.


Shlok International School , Bangalore employs best practices and pedagogies in the teaching learning process . This opens career avenues for aspiring educationists. Hurry up!!



School Address: Kaggalipura Village, Sarjapura Hobli,

Anekal Taluk,

Bengaluru - 560099

Email: admission@shlokinternationalschool.com

Contact: +91 99452 10222 / 99000 79997