For Creative, Vibrant & Aspirants in the field of Education & Happiness.

Shlok International School , Bangalore employs best practices and pedagogies in the teaching learning process . This opens career avenues for aspiring educationists. We do believe that teaching is the noblest of professions. Moreover we believe in providing a conducive work environment which contributes to the growth of an individual to excel in their field with the coming times.

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Job Openings

Academic Openings

  • 🡲 PE Teacher
  • 🡲 English
  • 🡲 Mathematics
  • 🡲 Science
  • 🡲 Kannada
  • 🡲 Hindi
  • 🡲 Computer Science
  • 🡲 Art and Craft
  • 🡲 Music

Please send your resume to career@shlokinternationalschool.com

Office Openings

  • 🡲 Admissions Coordinator
  • 🡲 Counsellor

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