Why Shlok?

All children are unique and at Shlok their individual differences and specific identities are respected. We aim to protect their individuality while preparing them to triumph over the world with the attitude of a winner and values of a good human being! The Shlokians live with the motto Rise to Lead.


Shlok International School perseveres to nurture and groom each child holistically with its integrated education programme, customized to enrich every kind of learner.


The seven crucial elements which embodies the inner mind to outer appearance are groomed extensively by providing a comprehensive curriculum and a stress free but stimulating environment.
Shlok International School

School Motto

Our school logo is represented by 7 chakras which is derived from the energy centers in human body through which our vital energy or prana shakti flows.
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At Shlok

Each child grows into a strong character and rises up to lead themselves in the right direction.

10 acres

State of the art sports arena well aired and lit classrooms.


We are adhering to the international norms.

500 sq.ft.

We are a notch bigger than the standard prerequisites.

35 children

At any given time the strength of students will not rise.


Mr. Harish ChandrappaMr. Harish Chandrappa is the Founder and Chairman of Shlok International School. Having a degree in business administration and 25+ years experience in real-estate and construction he was equipped to provide the best infrastructure for a holistic and conducive learning environment.

After doing a great deal of research, receiving advice from industry experts and visiting some of the best schools in the nation, Mr. Chandrappa was keen on the idea of establishing his own institution. His perseverance and determination can be seen through the world-class infrastructure that is now set-up at Shlok International School. He believes that each child is unique and has their own strengths. Right from its inception, the curriculum and activities designed for students at Shlok International School lays emphasis on bringing out these strengths.

Whether it is education, sports or extracurricular activities, they are all given equal importance under his guidance. His mission is to nurture well-rounded and responsible individuals through Shlok International School who will forever carry the motto 'Rise to Lead'.


Mrs. Sandhya SMrs. Sandhya S is the Co-Founder and Secretary of Shlok International School. Her passion for child-care and child development made her take up courses related to this area which she now implements through her innovative plans for the kindergarten classes at the school.

She is adored by the students because of her charming personality and is a beacon of guidance for the staff at the institution. She has contributed greatly in upholding the values that Shlok International School was envisioned with. She believes that having a positive environment is key to the development of children and strives to see multi-dimensional progress in each child. Her meticulous attention to detail and persistence for perfection is what brings out the best in everyone associated with the school. Her vision for the students raised in Shlok International School is to be empathetic and equipped with practical skills to take up the challenges of the fast paced and ever-changing world that we live in.



Mrs. JeevarekhaMrs. Jeevarekha is an accomplished and passionate educator with over 25 years of experience in school management, operations, and teaching. She holds a Master's degree in science and education. She was awarded the Best Teachers Award in 1996 by JNV, Pune region. With her vast experience and knowledge, she is set to lead Shlok International School to great heights. Her motto is "Don't limit yourself. Be honest & Simple. We will work together and grow together".

Principal's Message: "There is a mindfulness inside you, all it takes is a little exploring." There is a Sanskrit shloka that talks about the 4 sources of gaining knowledge: 1/4th from the teacher; 1/4th from their own intelligence; 1/4th from their surroundings and 1/4th through the course of time. We believe that a student's key to success lies in the hands of the teachers and take it up as our responsibility to create a conducive environment where effective learning takes place.

At Shlok International School, we lay emphasis on the seven aspects [Chakras] of human form and existence. The seven elements which embody the inner mind and outer appearance are groomed by providing a comprehensive curriculum, self-discipline, and a stress-free environment. We take the school as a platform to expose our students to various skill sets like problem-solving, leadership, adaptability, time management and confidence.

An education system that develops the imagination of a child is far richer than one that does not. This allows students to explore themselves and become aware of their potential. We not only wish to nurture the academic and co-scholastic needs of the child but we also wish to create memories that our children shall cherish throughout their lives.

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Multi-dimensional learning

At Shlok we blend academic, e-learning and art awareness. We provide a well-designed environment that is conducive to holistic learning and believe in balancing academic goals and extra-curricular talents.

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Shlok Sports Village

Shlok Sports Village is spread across 10 acres , housing outstanding sport facilities to create a generation of champions under Academies like Yellow Ball, Sree Dhrona Sports Academy (SDSA), Boca Juniors Football School

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Transportation & Safety

To make transportation easier for children, we have school buses available to pick and drop them with punctuality and safe travel under the supervision of Female Bus Attendants.Library Facility with All books and Latest Novels.

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Latest Class wise activities listings, which also includes the monthly activities done in school on a regular basis for a holistic development of each child. Its the most favourite corner of each child!! Must See!!

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Academic Calendar 2024-25


Admissions: Shlok International School is Open for Admissions Year 2024-25. The registration can be done online as well ,with a payment of Registration Fees of INR 500.


Shlok International School , Bangalore employs best practices and pedagogies in the teaching learning process . This opens career avenues for aspiring educationists. Hurry up!!



School Address: Kaggalipura Village, Sarjapura Hobli,

Anekal Taluk,

Bengaluru - 560099


Contact: +91 99452 10222 / 99000 79997

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